All rates below are for chartering the entire boat, with captain, not per person.

*We pick up from Sheffield’s or your private dock*  *** New Very Large Top For the Coastal 21 Providing Tons of Shade***

All trips include: bait, tackle, ice for fish, SC and NC saltwater fishing licenses, crab trap licenses, 20 minutes of fish cleaning, and bottled water. Sorry, but fish cleaning is not provided on gigging trips. Be sure to bring your sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, and what you wish to eat or drink (other than water). Tips are appreciated if you had a good time.

*** No fuel surcharges, no credit cards processing fees, no captain’s fees, and no extra person charges ***  

$100 deposit required for all trips, 100% refundable if the trip is canceled due to weather or if canceled by you outside of 5 days of the charter. Please see Charter Policies under Fishing at the top of this page.

Fishing (Limit 4 to 6 passengers) –  On the inshore fishing trips, the primary targets will be flounder, black drum, and trout using artificial and natural baits, but we will also fish for red drum (redfish), sheepshead, and possibly Spanish mackerel and bluefish if the ocean is nice, but normally we will remain entirely in the calm backwaters or fishing the jetty on the SC/NC border.  There are however a few good reefs and wrecks within 200 yards to 3 miles out, so if mother nature allows and you are game, this is an option. Let’s plan to leave between daylight and 7am to beat the other boats, the heat and increase our chances of finding fish.  Generally, we do a lot of casting on this trip, but the trip can also include floating corks and drifting (for flounder, trout, and drum) or even trolling.  We are even able to fish for small panfish for young kids that should provide decent action if desired while mom and dad (or older sister) fish for larger fish.  Trips include checking up to 5 crab traps set by your captain the day before.  Clamming/cast netting can be incorporated into either trip at no extra charge.  Price $400 for 4 hours and up to 4 passengers. Special request can be made for up to 6 passengers at no extra charge. 

Fishing, Clamming, Crabbing and Netting (Limit 6 passengers) – All of these activities will be done around low tide and on the same trip.  We generally start out fishing for 2 hours for flounder, bluefish, drum, and other panfish.  With youngsters on the boat, we will target fish that provide the most action.  After fishing we will ride to the open areas for clamming and start digging for clams. It is common to get over 100 clams within a hour with a few dedicated clammers. Cast nets will be provided for the kids, (or adults) and it is possible to catch shrimp large enough to eat during the Summer.  Also, it is common to catch many bait fish in the nets, and children as young as 6 can be taught how to cast a net productively.  We conclude the day by checking several crab traps set the day before by your captain. Clamming  (and just playing in 4 inches of water) is age appropriate for children of all ages. One important rule for this trip is everyone must have either lace up shoes or adequate boots on. Anyone with flip flops, water shoes, or any other non lace up shoe (or muck boot) will not be permitted to get out of the boat. This is very important as some of the mud will cause you to sink up to 6 inches and suck the shoes off your feet, then you are at risk of being severely cut on oyster shells. Price $400  (4 hours).  Included in the price is the captain setting up to 5 crab traps the day before and you may keep all the crabs we catch (that are of legal size).