Follow Me Charters:  Serving The Ocean Isle Beach Area Since 1992

All rates below are for chartering the entire boat, with captain, not per person.

*We pick up from Sheffield’s*

 *** New Very Large Top For the Coastal 21 Providing Tons of Shade***

All trips include: bait, tackle, ice for fish, NC saltwater fishing licenses, crab trap licenses, 20 minutes of fish cleaning, and bottled water.  Be sure to bring your sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, and what you wish to eat or drink (other than water). Tips are appreciated if you had a good time

A Bit More About Follow Me Inshore Charters I put quality tackle in your hand and will generally will leave the dock with 10 to 12 $200 spinning reel outfits (and a few Zebcos for those that prefer) all rigged and ready for your trip. Get hung up, swap to a new reel and I will address the problem, 100% fishing for you. I generally have all the bait ready to go for your trip, as opposed to catching bait after you get onboard. Also, I have tons of spare rigs tied (more than you will need on multiple trips). I work hard for you in January and before you get on the boat so I can focus my time and effort on catching fish as effectively and efficiently as possible. This is a bit unique from other charter boats who often consider bait catching and rig tying as part of your trip’s allotted time.  This does not mean we wont catch bait, but the bait is going to have to practically jump in the boat for us because we will have enough on board already.

*** No fuel surcharges, no credit card processing fees, no captain’s fees, and no extra person charges ***  

$100 deposit required for all trips, 100% refundable if the trip is canceled due to weather or if canceled by you outside of 5 days of the charter. Please see Charter Policies under Fishing at the top of this page.


Private 2 Hour Inshore Kid’s Trip (Limit 6 passengers) – Special 2 hour trip for kids or kids at heart.  We will fish for small panfish and tour some of the salt marshes and coastal rivers on the way to our fishing locations. We often catch 50 fish on this trip however, I only leave the dock with 6 or so rods, one type of bait, and we do not target larger fish on this trip but sometimes still catch one or two. It is a “kids fast pace action trip” where I want the youngsters to catch multiple fish each.  Price $200 for 2 hours.  Please call (843-340-5486) to book, this trip is not available for online booking. 

Private 4 Hour Inshore (Limit 6 passengers) –  On the inshore fishing trips,  we generally will set 3 to 4 community rods for big fish and set 2 to 4 other rods people take turns on slaying the little fish.  Often people are having so much fun on the little rods, we end up reeling in several community rods so more folks can slay the little fish.  However, a little patience on the bigger bait rods often leads to flounder, black drum, red drum, sheepshead, and speckled trout catches. We use a mix of fresh/frozen baits, live baits, and artificial lures both anchored up or trolled. I leave the dock with 10 to 14 rods rigged and ready, and most outfits (over 10) are over $200 each. I don’t fish with junk (except maybe for messing around with the little fish). Most all the bait is pre caught, so unlike most charter boats, we do not spend your fishing time attempting to catch bait. A note for my midwest fishermen, our saltwater black drum and sheepshead are excellent eating and different fish from the freshwater version.

Let’s plan to leave between daylight and 7am to beat the other boats, the heat and increase our chances of finding fish.  Again, generally we do a lot of anchored bottom fishing on this trip, but the trip can also include floating corks and drifting (for flounder, trout, and drum) or even trolling.    Price $400 for 4 hours and up to 6 passengers.  We are the only inshore boat at Ocean Isle to have a top for shade on the boat and allow for more than 4 fishermen.